Studio Kairos creates unique experiences that change perspective and uncover opportunities. 

Studio Kairos was founded to help clients create and deliver exceptional experiences for their audiences as a method to business expansion. We design and produce original events, media, and live experiences.

We also represent talent, connecting our clients to leading thinkers who shed light on the future of business and the impact of technology, and provide perspective on shifts in culture and society.

Our mission is to achieve the Kairos effect—the supreme moment in which everything happens. The moment of insight, inspiration, and enlightenment.



Whether you're looking for a keynote speaker to talk to your audience about what it's like to meet a robot or why storytelling is the key to customer loyalty, you'd like us to create a life-changing custom program for your executive retreat, or you just want us to help you find a cool place to stay in London or Los Angeles, we'd love to hear from you. 



Program Development

Programming an event or experience is like writing a story. There's a narrative that holds everything together. It doesn't matter if it's an industry conference or an intimate dinner—the experience begins in one place and ends in another.

To develop the content, we look at the trends that are driving society and business. We cross pollinate that with the goals you’ve set and what we know about your audience—what’s important, what will resonate, what will move them. We then pull from our network to find the experts, speakers, and performers that will inspire and energize. They are people on the front lines of disruption, innovation, and creativity, and not always whom you’d expect to see in the front of a room. That’s the beauty of our network—access to the people and ideas you haven’t heard of yet (but will).

Program development is also about environment. How will it make you feel? Our team works with a short list of production and design firms that help us create exactly the right atmosphere - look, feel, smell, sound.

Experience Design

As a rule, we don’t produce traditional events or programs. We will steer you away from the hotel ballroom and the office conference center. We want you, your team, your customers and clients out of the office and in the world. It’s the only way to truly observe consumers and trends, to understand how a business really operates, to make connections, and build relationships. We operate in non-traditional venues wherever possible and always build in ample time for connections and reflection.

Past experiences have included a virtual reality demo at a private club in Manhattan, a scent immersion at the Osmotheque Perfume University in Versailles, France, and a behind-the-scenes immersion at Slack in San Francisco (among many others, which you can read about here).

Talent Network & Media

Disrupters, influencers, innovators, and tastemakers. These are the amazing people we’ve encountered over the years who make up our talent profile. Unlike conventional speaking bureaus, our talent aren’t just a bunch of talking heads whose primary job is to be on the speaking circuit. Studio Kairos speakers are actively building the future every day and bring unique perspectives that can change the way business is done in a variety of industries. We also coach executives and personalities on thought leadership through media, such as audio storytelling and podcasting.

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Program Development
Experience Design
Talent Network

the team

Kirsten Cluthe is the founder of Studio Kairos. Prior to starting Studio Kairos, she worked as an events marketing producer and editorial strategist for Fortune 500 and entertainment industry clients. She has worked with organizations across industries to deliver exceptional experiences for their audiences, from music festivals to product launches and customer events. Her role is to act as a connector between client and idea, audience and inspiration, and she regularly advises CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and media personalities on presentation design & delivery. 

She produces the podcast Fast Forward and is a contributing writer for Follow her on the Studio Kairos Instagram.

Kirsten Cluthe founder Studio Kairos Event programming and Production

Producer, Rachel Herman

With a background that bridges history and humanity with the music industry, Rachel is equally at home front of a classroom as she is backstage at a rock concert. Born and raised in New Jersey, Rachel has traveled the country in pursuit of her passions - from studying photography in Seattle to working as a Holocaust educator in Pittsburgh after getting her M.A.

Whether as a student, a teacher, or a merch girl, Rachel's journeys have given her the experience to move seamlessly between projects, productions, and personalities. As a producer for Studio Kairos, she keeps projects and people moving forward with her attention to detail, ability to spy new opportunities, and charming, but don’t-mess-with-me, personality.



Along with our talent network, we have incredible partners that work with us on a variety of projects.