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TED Conference

The inimitable Manoush Zomorodi will be presenting at this year's TED conference in Vancouver, on April 27. The theme of this year's conference is "The Future You", and she'll be exploring the impact that technology has on our lives now, and what it means for our future selves. 

The conference is sold out, but you can watch it in select cinemas, or wait for her TED Talk to be posted later this year.

We'll be on site for her talk and will report back live as it happens.

Apr 15

The E.G.

We head to Monterey for the EG Conference, an event by and for the creative community - "a touchstone for innovators in every imaginable field — makers and doers of extraordinary things, breakers of boundaries, explorers of frontiers, busters of myths." It will be nice to decompress for a few days along the Pacific and take in some fresh inspiration. 

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Fast Forward with Dan Costa: Conversations About Living In The Future

On Wednesday, November 30, Dan Costa sits down with John Keefe, WNYC's Senior Editor for Data News, to talk about using new technology to improve the way news is reported. and what we can learn from data science. 

John recently joined Manoush on stage at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York to talk about how they're using data science at WNYC.

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Fast Forward with Dan Costa

FAST FORWARD with Dan Costa launches it's first episode. On November 16th, Dan chats with Paige Fitzgerald, who manages the Connected Citizens program at WAZE. Waze is a crowd-sourced traffic and navigation app that saves drivers time, helping them to navigate around traffic. 

Fast Forward with Dan Costa, conversations about living in the future, is a weekly series on PCMag.com, broadcast live on Facebook and will also be available as a podcast. Upcoming guests include our own John Keefe, who will talk about the data sensor project he ran during the election, and Dr. Jay Parkinson, a healthcare innovator whom Fast Company has called the "doctor of the future."