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Dan Costa

The digital economy is redefining everything, from the way we do business to how we communicate as a society. How can you leverage the latest technologies and trends for both professional and personal success?

Dan Costa, Editor in Chief of the iconic technology brand PCMag.com, presents on the latest tech trends that are impacting your business and your life. Costa can talk about the latest mobile device, that new social media platform your employees are using, or that emerging technology on the horizon that you don’t see coming. (And it is coming.)

With a keen focus on how technology affects social, business, and consumer trends, Costa provides fresh insight garnered from his work as a technology editor, his participation in major technology events like the Consumer Electronics Show and South by Southwest, and daily testing of the nascent technologies yet to see market entry.

Dan is hosts of Fast Forward with Dan Costa, an interview series about living in the future, broadcast live every week via Facebook Live and available on iTunes.

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