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Jason Allen Ashlock

Jason Allen Ashlock has spent the last 15 years tracking the power of narrative. Chasing it across graduate studies in religious history, then in literary theory, leveraging it inside high-stakes publishing and digital media disruptors — and now activating it deep inside global enterprise. His findings reveal how stories shape our understanding of self and world, his consulting work enlivens communications practices in companies around the world, and his keynotes train organizations of all kinds how they can intentionally harness narrative intelligence in order to connect, influence, persuade, motivate, innovate, forecast, and transform. 

Audiences around the world have responded to Jason’s unexpected, humorous, illuminating approach to explaining the structure and movement of memorable stories, and how narrative logic can increase the impact of any messaging effort. Sales organizations, marketing professionals, global executives, technology associations, enterprise conferences, startup founders, financial managers, and many more have invited Jason again and again to awaken their communities to the untapped energy of storytelling among their teams, audiences, and companies. Modular in design, Jason’s keynotes are tailored to the needs of each event, and are rich in case studies that are highly relevant to listeners yet surprising enough to spark insight and creative dot-connecting. Every audience leaves energized, with a set of tools they can immediately deploy. 

Jason is a Partner at consulting firm The Frontier Project, where he leads the storytelling and publishing practice for the company’s global enterprise and international non-profit clients. A widely-read contributor to Inc.com, where he writes on storytelling’s application across disciplines and industries, he lives and works in Manhattan.  

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