The Road Ahead

I like this image because it’s clear and focused, however you can’t see what’s around the bend. It could be more of the same or total chaos. And that feels very similar to how business has gone this year.

As 2018 winds down, there’s finally time to reflect. To begin, I haven’t posted an update or sent a newsletter since July. I recognize that this is not good for business and I don’t really have an excuse other than the unoriginal “business has been overwhelming, leaving little time for anything else”. (takeaway - delegate, or hire someone to manage your news/media/business updates for you. #2019goals).

Studio Kairos began as a company that produced events and speaker series, or speaking gigs, for executives and media clients. In an effort to build professional profiles, we looked to podcasting as a way for clients to communicate ideas and expertise to an audience. We partnered with a company called Revoice in 2017 and at the time, they were focused on building a podcast network for musicians. It was an easy partnership, as we’d already been producing a tech podcast called “Fast Forward” (with Dan Costa, editor in chief of PCMag). The partnership also allowed Studio Kairos to expand its capabilities, and potentially start a new line of business. (+ full disclosure: I personally was eager to get back to the music industry, where I began my career.)

Over the last 15 months, the partnership with Revoice has pushed Studio Kairos in the direction of producing content as a primary service. We are letting go of managing speakers (though we keep our select group on the site because we continue to promote their talent and remain partners). And we still produce live events and conferences, though are moving in the direction of producing events that relate directly with the audio & video content we produce.

It’s an exciting time. The first music-related podcast we produced was with multi-platinum recording artist Andy Grammer called The Good Parts. The show launched in June 2018 and was originally meant to be a limited series to promote his summer tour. It’s so good and so popular that we kept going. We’ve just published episode 11, which was recorded live in L.A. We’ve now got several new shows in development, one that will will launch in December and the others in early 2019.

Studio Kairos, in partnership with Revoice, can now offer in-house content development, production, distribution, and marketing services to clients that are interested in exploring a new way to tell a story or engage an audience. Watch this space to see where we go from here.