Modern Salon for Women: The Money Edition


On March 27, we're hosting a conversation about how to equalize opportunity and support the ideas that help us build the world and the lives that we want. We're going to talk about money.

Whether you’re ready to start the business you’ve always dreamt of, you're in the “always be raising” phase, or you’re ready to invest in someone else’s brilliant idea, we'll cover all of it. Investing in ourselves, in a startup idea, and how to put your resources to work to support the causes and organizations you care about. Bring your questions, your ideas, and your voice to the discussion.

Guest Speakers

Karen Cahn, founder, iFundWomen and has dedicated her career to closing the funding and the confidence gap for women entrepreneurs. Named on NASDAQ’s “10 Best Sources of Funding for Women Entrepreneurs”, iFundWomen is a crowdfunding ecosystem providing female entrepreneurs access to capital, coaching, creative, and connections critical to starting smart businesses.

Melissa Moore, entrepreneur and co-founder of Lean Startup Company, has partnered with Eric Ries on Seneca VC, a new venture studio that helps exceptional women and minority-led startups get funded.

Wednesday, May 27, 6:00pm

at Norwood Club, 241 W. 14th Street

Save the Date: Women and Money

Photo by klenova/iStock / Getty Images

On March 27, we’re hosting another salon for women. It’s been a year (!) since the last one, and we’re excited to get things going again. This month’s event is focused on women and money — what we can do with it, how to invest in ourselves and the people / projects we believe in. The event will include a featured conversation with Melissa Moore and Amee Mungo, along with a special guest - to be announced soon. And as is our style, we’ll open it up for everyone to share thoughts, ask questions, add her voice to the discussion.

More details posted shortly. In the meantime, please reach out if you want to learn more.

2019: The Latest


It’s official: we are co-founders of Revoice Media, a digital media company that focuses on music and entertainment podcasts. We began with Andy Grammer’s podcast in mid-2018, and recently launched “Wheels Off”, a podcast created and hosted by musician Rhett Miller. Rhett interviews Rosanne Cash, Fred Armisen, Rob Thomas, Will Forte, and other notable personalities. Episode 5, an interview with graphic designer Aaron Draplin, was published yesterday.

Meanwhile, over at Studio Kairos, we’ll increase focus on the live experience. Our next event is Tuesday, Feb 26 in partnership with GoKartLabs. We will be discussing digital transformation over food & drinks at Norwood Club. In March, we’ve got a women’s salon event on Tuesday, March 19 that will feature women in finance and funding (founders, take note). And, Revoice will produce some live podcast shows later this year.

Feel free to email if you’re interested in attending or want to learn more.

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