Building Emotional Machines

In another conversation from SXSW, Dan talks to Sophie Kleber, Executive Director of Product and Innovation at HUGE, about building emotional machines. AI was a major topic at SXSW this year, from concerns about machines taking jobs from humans to the amazing things that machines will be able to do for us in the future. Sophie talks about what emotional computing is and gives some examples, along with why designers (and product developers) need to start designing for emotional intelligence now.

Shot at the HUGE Speakeasy in Austin at SXSW.

Spring 2017: Updates from the Network

Photo by amenic181/iStock / Getty Images

The year is heating up for Manoush Zomorodi, who is in Oxford this week speaking at the Skoll Foundation World Forum. She heads to Vancouver mid-month to speak at this year's TED conference. And this fall, her book "Bored and Brilliant: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Spacing Out" will be released on St Martin's Press. (pre-order it here)

We're super excited to announce the addition of a new speaker - Matthew Brimer, co founder of global learning experience General Assembly and the awesome morning dance party Daybreaker. I first saw Matt speak in this video (HustleCon 2015), loved his story as well as his businesses, which are designed to build communities. His thinking on the future of work and education is especially timely now, as people seek to update their skills to move forward in their careers or start on a new journey personally and professionally.

Finally, we made it back from SXSW in one piece, with a ton of new content for Fast Forward, Dan Costa's interview show about living in the future. If you've never been to SXSW, his series from Austin will give you a snapshot of what you'll see and hear while there; and if you have been, you know how overwhelming the festival can be -- think of this as a curated program from 2017. The interviews will be posted each week, starting with his interview with VP of Product for Pandora. Pandora launched a new premium service at SXSW, one that rivals Spotify and delivers a "unique set of playlist features tailored to each person's distinct preferences".  

Fast Forward with Dan Costa: Interview with Chris Becherer, VP of Product, Pandora

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