From the Stage to Your Ear(buds)

Photo by karn684/iStock / Getty Images

Last year, we took on a new project to build a podcast network. The project was called Revoice, and was intended to be a network of podcasts created by and for musicians. The idea was sparked by Nick Ruffini, founder and host of the successful Drummer's Resource show - a podcast about, you guessed it - drummers. For a year, Nick, Dave (our other partner), and I worked thorough various business models, story ideas, interviews with stakeholders and creative partners. We spent a lot of time figuring things out and changed direction several times. The world of podcasting is new and exciting, but it's also the wild west of media and content. How do you monetize it? And now, the landscape is so full of excellent podcasts to listen to, how do you compete? (to go deep on this, Manoush's new podcast details how she and her producer, Jen Poyant, are navigating the world of building a show from scratch)

In the end, we decided to keep things simple. We'd begin by working directly with musicians who already had ideas - or recorded content - ready to go. Our project has turned into Revoice Media and our first client is award-winning pop singer Andy Grammer. His podcast, called "The Good Parts", will be live in a week. And it's really good. 

It took more than a year, but we're finally getting this thing off the ground.